Wicked Tips

Warning labels- They say don't do things, but who really listens?

The answer is we should always follow the instructions on the warning labels stuck on the bottom of each candle jar. Practicing safety precautions while burning any candle is highly recommended. It's just as using the right amount of sugar in sweet tea or butter in South. Kidding, NOT KIDDING. (We love us some sugar and butter).

Now that you get my drift, here's a few basic rules for you to remember:

  • Always trim your wick. You can use a trimmer, scissors, or just pinch off the curled wick before lighting it again.
  • Keep all flammable items away from your candles. I know you to keep a book or plant near the candle, but honey, don't do it. You'll have bigger fish to fry.
  • Keep your candles away from children, pets, drafts, your in-laws, everyone. This is for you and me, and anyone else who has a curious toddler screaming "Blow, mama?" when they see a candle. Always keep the candle out of reach of the busy bodies. 
  • Do NOT burn your candle beyond 4hrs. I know this is a tough habit to break, but trust me, you'll be fine. Take your time with the candle, it's already $22.50.