Meet Elondia

Hey honey!

I'm Elondia, the one-woman show behind ElonWick Candle Co. By now you've probably checked out my fragrance selection to know where I'm from- area code 912, baby! I grew up near Savannah, Ga in a small town called Guyton. I'm still a Southern girl who enjoys hot, humid summer nights, trips to the beach, karaoke and eating good food- seafood to be exact. 

Over the years, my amazing customers have given me the cutest name- Candle Bae, but the greatest name I'll ever be called is "Mom Mom" by my son. Best name ever. He's my motivation and my rich best friend. When I started this business in 2015, I knew that I wanted to build something that my future children could be proud of, and he's now saying "Good job, mama!". *insert mushy mama tears here*. Thank you for shopping and helping this mama raise such an amazing little guy.

So come on in and make yourself comfortable while shopping hand-poured soy candles. We're basically family now, and in good southern fashion for hospitality, I hope you enjoy the southern charm and love for the culture I pour in each jar. 


Love and candlelight,